I’ve been working a lot with Producer Thomas Bartlett.
We just wrapped on Melissa Ahern’s record, which is amazing;
also have done some sessions with Thomas for new records by
Oh Land! and Rhye.

More to come!


The studio grind continues.

Currently co-producing a track with my colleague Vira Byramji for
Melanie Charles’s next album. It is a privelege to work with these
two brilliant women.

Back at Black Lodge this week with Goodfight producing their next EP.
All very beautiful tapey weird stuff. Very exciting.

Was at Mission Sound this week recording a promotional video for
AEA microphones, alongside People Vs Larsen.
Good vibes.

Have been playing a lot with Dida Pelled as of late.
Dida is brilliant and I am glad to be a part of her recent projects.



Proud to announce that Charlie Phillips’s debut album
(prod by myself and Phil Joly) is headed to mastering.

Phil and I were in the studio this week at Power Station New England
producing three tracks for the very talented Alfonso Velez.
Sounding beautiful, heading to mixing.

Melissa Ahern’s next record, which I worked on under
producer Thomas Bartlett, is headed soon to mixing as well.

I played (and read some poetry on) the most recent release by
Onyx Collective, “Lower East Suite Vol. 2.” Those boys!

“Sour Mango,” a track I worked on with Gabriel Garzon-Montano,
is ending up on year-end lists from The Guardian, REMEZCLA, and more.
Couldn’t be prouder.

Excelsior, bb.


Spent all day yesterday at Black Lodge with Nick Hakim, Vishal Nayak, Andrew Sarlo, working on new material for the VELVET NIPPLES project. I played lots of bass and a little bit of mellotron. Stay tuned.

I did a recording session last week along side the guru Paul Wilson for Melanie Charles’s new record. Wavy.

A few weeks before that, I was in session for Evelyn Horan’s next project, playing bass, piano, and kalimba (!!!). Phil Joly engineering. 

New Charlie Phillips record has gone to mixing. Very excited for that.

Stay cool.


Just spent a week on tour with IGBO opening for Nick Hakim. Lots of fun, great vibes, truly compelling music.

The past few months I’ve been writing a great deal, and have contributed to the roll outs of new albums by Tuxedo (Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One), Gabriel Garzon-Montano, Orlando Le Fleming, and Jake Sherman. Can’t wait to see my words shamelessly copied and pasted into pieces by music’s laziest journalists!

Excelsior, bb.


Gabriel Garzon-Montano just dropped the first single from his upcoming Jardin -  I have a writing credit on this one, entitled “Sour Mango.” Look for it on Spotify and Apple Music.

Looking forward to heading to Mexico next week with People Vs. Larsen.
Depending on the taco situation, you may never hear from me again. 

Heading in soon to record Mara Stepe’s new record, featuring Dave Cook, Jeremy Most, and  Nate Smith.
Very much looking forward to it. 


I’ll be at home in Brooklyn  until mid-November,  at which point I’m
headed to Mexico for the San Miguel De Allende Jazz Festival,
then to Syracuse for the holidays.
A great Christmas gift to yourself is a bass lesson.
If you celebrate Hannukah, 8 bass lessons.

I’m in the midst of co-producing the debut album from songwriter Charlie Phillips,
alongside Grammy-winning engineer Phil Joly. Learning a whole hell of a lot.
Also awaiting the release of a few projects I had the pleasure of working on:

Wayne Tucker’s When I Was a Child - I’ve known Wayne for 20 years; he wrote a bunch of brilliant two-bass music and gave me the opportunity to play it alongside the incredible Yasushi Nakamura. Sounds great.
The Fifth - self-titled; an early document of a quintet with John Chin, Stacy Dillard, Tivon Pennicott, and Lawrence Leathers, during a two-year residency I had at Smalls Jazz Club. 

This week we wrapped mixing on the debut album from drummer Dave Tedeschi, which will be nice and vibey.

Stay tuned. 

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